Estates and Executors: What You Should Know

No one wants to think about death, let alone talk about it, but it’s essential that anyone with valuable assets have an up-to-date will and has appointed an executor to carry out their wishes once they are gone.What does it mean to be an executor?The executor takes over the responsibility of filing the deceased’s final [...]

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Canwest Makes Secure File Transfers and Electronic Signing Easier

At the beginning of the COVID pandemic, in 2020, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) implemented the use of e-signatures on tax returns. One of the benefits for clients is not needing to come into the office to sign their forms.Canwest Makes Secure File Transfers and Electronic Signing Easier. The demand for convenient and secure electronic signing [...]

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Tax Implications for Housing Student Renters

September marks back-to-school, and near the University of Victoria signs are posted asking local residents to consider renting out their spare rooms to students. The shortage of rental housing and lack of on-campus student housing reaches a crisis point each year, but this year seems particularly frenzied. We have spoken with realtors who are showing [...]

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My 4 favorite reports in the QuickBooks Enterprise Report Center

As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor®, I’ve worked with numerous mid-market business owners who use the reporting capabilities of QuickBooks® Enterprise to help take their business to the next level. Your financial reports tell you a lot about your business. QuickBooks Enterprise includes hundreds of commonly requested reports that will allow you to see the data you want and how [...]

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COVID Benefit Planning

While businesses negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic continue to find their “new normal” as they seek to return to pre-COVID earnings, the federal government has expanded several subsidy programs, as well as launched a new one. The government has extended the eligibility timeframe for the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS), the Canada Emergency Rent [...]

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How to manage multiple inventory locations with Advanced Inventory

As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor®, I work with many clients who are using QuickBooks® Enterprise to manage the complexity of running an inventory-based business. Not only do these businesses have all of the typical responsibilities of operating a business, but they also need to manage and account for inventory. Warehouse management is challenging enough with optimizing stock [...]

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Welcome Jagdeep Bawa, Chartered Professional Accountant to Canwest Accounting

Canwest Accounting is pleased to welcome to its team Chartered Professional Accountant Jagdeep Bawa. Jagdeep holds both California, U.S. and B.C., Canada Chartered Professional Accounting (CPA) licenses. She earned her B. Sc. in Accounting from Colorado, U.S., and is a CPA with more than 12 years of accounting and tax experience in both the U.S. [...]

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Don’t Delay Filing Your Taxes; We’re Here to Help

The last year has been unpredictable for most people, right down to their income. Business closures, layoffs and slowdowns have seen more people than ever applying for Employment Insurance (EI) or tapping into a broad range of COVID-19 relief programs, including the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB), Canada Recovery Benefit [...]

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Sustainability tracking in QuickBooks

Organizations use QuickBooks® to track their sales and expenses, but more and more business owners want to track sustainability improvements, such as reducing energy usage and waste. By tracking more details in QuickBooks, an organization could measure key indicators, such as Kilowatts used and waste, to determine if they are in alignment with some of [...]

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