We cover every detail for you

Basic Taxes Preparation

  • Basic Taxes
  • T slips and retirement

Property Owner Taxes

  • Basic taxes
  • Rental income on part of primary residence

Entrepreneur Taxes

  • Basic taxes and business income
  • (does not include preparation of statement of business income)

In the event that your taxes are more complex than the above listed email here for a quote.

In the past I used another company for tax preparation services, and not only did I feel rushed through, but they made some mistakes that ended up costing me money.  Then I  hired Dexteritas.  After having them do my taxes, I am confident knowing that they are extremely thorough and they treat my taxes with care, paying attention to every detail.  With Dexteritas, there’s no more stressing about losing money or paying too much – I highly recommend them.

Niyi Adeniran, Engineer