10 Tips for Attending Holiday Parties


For many of us, holiday parties fill our calendars in December, as many companies choose to gather staff, clients and business associates together to celebrate before the year ends. Since we always want to put our best foot forward, we have pulled together 10 tips for attending these holiday parties.

  1. If you drink, do not overconsume to the point of being drunk, and always plan a safe ride home, such as having a designated driver, or taking a taxi or public transit.
  2. If the holiday party has a theme (eg. James Bond), ensure you have dressed appropriately, which might mean renting a tux or buying a fancy new dress, but going off-theme will make you stand out and seem unprepared.
  3. If the party is casual, say bowling is on the agenda, then try to still dress festively, perhaps by wearing a classic “ugly holiday sweater.”
  4. Don’t be a party pooper. If there’s a gift exchange, make sure you participate and put some thought into buying a nice gift most people would enjoy. If the limit is $15, wine, chocolates or a fun gadget are all within budget.
  5. Don’t arrive on an empty stomach and plan to fill up on appetizers.
  6. At a minimum, bring a card for the host, and consider bringing a modest, thoughtful gift. If gifting alcohol, try to check first whether the host drinks.
  7. Always ensure you seek out the host to thank them.
  8. Avoid talking about controversial topics, like politics and religion, which can get heated, especially when alcohol is being consumed.
  9. If the location is in someone’s home or office, offer to help clean up.
  10. Don’t be the last person to arrive and/or the first to leave.

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The team of accounting experts at Canwest Accounting’s Victoria and West Shore (Langford) offices wish everyone a happy holiday season. 


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