7 ways to be productive while working remotely

Working remotely is a great way to keep getting your work done while you are at home. Being able to work effectively from home is not always easy. If you follow these seven steps, you will be productive while working remotely.

1. Work space. In order to work from home, you need to set up a dedicated workspace. This is a space that is exclusive to your work. You don’t want to read or relax in this space. When you are working, you should be in this area only. When you are done working, you can leave this space behind. This space should include a comfortable desk and chair so you are comfortable while you work.

2. Wi-Fi. Make sure you have adequate internet and Wi-Fi when working from home. You need to be able to meet with people via your computer, and you might have to watch long videos. You don’t want your computer refreshing in the middle of an important meeting. Call your internet provider and explain what you will be doing from home. They should be able to recommend a package that will provide the broadband necessary for working remotely, and offer remote support for anything that might go wrong.

3. Communication. Keep your lines of communication open while working remotely. Effective communication will help you while working from home. Communicate with your boss and team members more than you would at the office. Try and set up daily meetings – either face-to-face or in a discussion group – so that everyone is on the same page with the project you are working on.

4. Flow. Make sure you keep up with your workflow while working remotely. It is easy to drop something while you are working at home. Be sure your clients are being taken care of and kept in the loop. You will lose clients if they are misinformed, or not informed of your progress. You should keep the same chain of command while working remotely as you would at your office. And, remember to keep the lines of communication open for your team and your clients.

5. Morning routine. Make sure you have a morning routine in place that will allow you to work undisturbed. Your best work will be done in the morning, so you want to be ready to go when you wake up. Eat breakfast and exercise a bit before you sit down to work. You want to be sure to maintain a morning routine so your workflow is not compromised. Exercising before work will get your heart pumping and your blood flowing to your brain, allowing you to think better and be able to concentrate on your job. Do not drink too much caffeine, or else you will be jittery and more distractible while you work. Eat a healthy breakfast to eliminate the morning doldrums. Avoid sugar and other unhealthy snacks while working from home.

6. Technology. Be sure you have the correct technology for working from home. Be sure your laptop is up to date and you have a good working modem. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment you need to work remotely.

7. Work/life balance. When working remotely, one of the most important things to remember is to keep a good work/life balance. Take breaks when you need to and stop working when necessary. Do not let work swallow up your entire day and night. It is important to stop and maintain your regular life. Eat dinner at the same time each night. Take a break and watch a movie. Binge some of your favorite shows. Try and get out to exercise after working. These things will help you maintain your home and work life balance.

Moving forward with working remotely

Working remotely can be a great way to get your job done while you are out of the office. Whether you are at home or on the road, you should maintain your work routine and keep lines of communication open at all levels. Be sure to exercise and eat right, so that you keep your mind and body at peak performance while you are out of the office, and remember to take time for yourself.

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