Affordable Tax Services Available for Basic Tax Returns

Recently, Canwest Accounting launched an affordable tax filing service for those who have just basic tax returns, students, seniors, and those living on social assistance. Affordable Tax Services is a no frills service where you can come into Canwest Accounting’s Langford or Victoria offices, sign some forms, wait while your tax return is completed, and leave with a completed tax return emailed to you. A basic return costs just $50; student returns are $35, and for those who have no income or are on social assistance, the cost is only $25.

“I recognized that not everyone needs all the services we offer our clients, and there was a need for an affordable no frills option,” says Sharlane Bailey, owner of Canwest Accounting. “Affordable Tax Services can be accessed by making an appointment or simply dropping into one of Canwest Accounting’s two offices, where we’ll prepare your return on the spot.”

Canwest Accounting’s regular clients receive additional services, such having tax specialists file their income tax return for them, Canwest keeps their records on file, and the tax preparers will speak with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on behalf of clients. These clients typically have more complex returns.

Due to the large number of tax returns prepared by Canwest Accounting staff, clients need to get their paperwork into Canwest Accounting by April 14 so staff can prepare and file your income tax forms before the deadline. Anything received later they cannot guarantee will be filed by May 2. Fill out this Personal Tax Checklist before dropping off your tax forms.

This year, Sharlane has received inquiries from tax filers concerned their child tax benefit is decreasing, but that is not the case. It appears that way because CRA’s online calculator is out of date (a notification says it won’t be updated until June).

To have the exceptional team at Canwest Accounting save you time and money by doing your taxes, bookkeeping, tax planning for your business, or filing estate returns, call or email us.


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